Bulk Seed Sales

Native Manitoba Seeds from Prairie Habitats Inc.

Prairie Habitats Inc.'s seed is carefully collected from various remnants of Manitoba's native prairie or from seed plots originally started from local seed. Any exceptions are noted below. Planting locally collected native Manitoba seed helps to conserve our endangered native prairies.

We prefer to keep our seed & plant sales within the region that it has been collected in to preserve the unique local genetic characteristics that have evolved here in this seed over the millenia. If you are outside of the area that our seed is best adapted to, ie: Manitoba, eastern Saskatchewan, northwestern Ontario, northern Minnesota & northern North Dakota, please patronize reputable native seed suppliers that have seed from your area. Some suggestions can be found in our "Favourite Links" section, or by doing an internet search for native seed for your province, state or region.


Bulk Seed (Minimum order for bulk seed = 1 lb )

Big Bluestem/Indian Grass Mix: $25.00/lb.

Slough Grass: $25.00/lb.



Detailed planting instructions are included with every bulk seed order.


1 lb or 454 g covers about 500 to 1000 sq ft (~ 45 to 93 sq m). This is an area of about 39 x 13 ft to 40 x 25 ft (~12 x 4 m to 12 x 8 m).

Custom Seed Collections

We have the unique ability to custom collect local native seed for industrial, erosion control and landscape needs. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements. We can collect and supply many different native prairie species from around southern Manitoba.

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