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Western Meadowlark

Songs and Sounds of Nature CD'sThe Songs and Sounds
of Nature

Enjoy the pure sounds of nature, free of human voice and music.

Catherine Thexton spent 15 years recording nature sounds on her farm site in Manitoba's Interlake Region (Click for map)

White-throated SparrowLet the western meadowlark's call take you back to childhood days on the prairies. Relax as the sounds of the prairies, woodlands, farm fields and marshes surround you. Or read along with printed inserts that let you identify and learn many of Manitoba's bird species' calls. Lengthy recordings of many species let you hear some of their repertoire and interactions with others birds. Each recording captures a unique moment in nature.

For more information and an audio sample from each of the 6 albums, select from the links on the left. To purchase an album click the Order Form link.

Catherine doing what she loves.

Available on CD's, cassettes and LP records.

Recorded and produced by Catherine Thexton.

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