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Western Meadowlark

Sounds from Fields and Woods

Wildlife is an inspiring and priceless part of our environment. The bird sounds of this production focus on some of its diversity and aural charm.

The fields and the woods have water areas nearby. Birds from all three habitats add background sounds in some selections. This variety is normal for the diverse environment in which they live.

Field sounds are confined to Side A and woodland sounds to Side B. A few instances of overlapping, however, exist. This Great Horned Owl hunts over fields and woods and often hoots from an oak at the edge of a field. Meadowlarks nest in the fields, but may fly to woodland treetops for optimum viewing of their territory and beyond.

Most selections run for longer than one minute and all are highlights, some of them being: the buoyant sounds of Canada Geese in spring, the exciting sounds of Sharp-tailed Grouse in a field of meadowlarks, the rich varied songs of a robin, the melodious tones of a thrush and the happy notes of fledgling orioles.

Canada GooseTo hear a sample audio clip from Sounds from Fields and Woods click on the highlighted species in the list below, or on the picture to the right. All clips are about 20 seconds long and 200 Kb in size.


Sounds from Fields and Woods is available on Cassette and CD.


Sounds from Fields and Woods Contents:

1. Canada Geese

11. American Robin

2. Sharp-tailed Grouse

12. Wood Thrush

3. Sandhill Cranes

13. Scarlet Tanager

4. Western Meadowlark

14. Red-headed Woodpecker

5. Savannah Sparrow

15. Black-billed Cuckoo (2 selections)

6. Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk)

16. Connecticut Warbler

7. Sedge Wren

17. Fledgling Northern Orioles

8. Snow Goose

18. Common Raven

9. Steam Locomotive

19. Diesel Locomotive

10. Great Horned Owl

20. Long-eared Owls

Total Time - 48:40 minutes

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